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Love Prefers Twilight to Delight has posted an interview with yours truly.

Hello Ladies and Gents I’m excited today to be interviewing our first Kensington author. So lets get to it shall we.
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My Brian McKnight Interview

Brian McKnight is currently starring in the Broadway musical “Chicago.” Below is an interview I had with the R & B crooner when he was promoting his last CD.


Ten @
Brian McKnight


Shelia Goss: Why do you think you’ve had longevity in this business?
Brian Mcknight:
I wish I had the answer to that question. I don’t have it. That question would be better answered by the people who have been fans. All I do is go to the studio to write songs that I love and hope that there are people out there who love them as well. Up until now, there have been a few (smile).

Shelia: You’re very humble. When you write, do you write from personal experiences?
Brian Mcknight:
A lot of its personal…some of it is what other people are going through I suppose. If I had to do percentage wise, it’s about 80 percent personal and 20 percent emphatic.

Shelia: The name of your album is “10” which is befitting since it’s your tenth album. What do you want listeners to feel after they hear “10?”
Brian Mcknight:
That’s a hard question to answer. When I make a record all I’m hoping for is that people will hear one song that makes them feel something familiar about one thing or another…the songs will probably make you cry…make you think about your own relationships–ones you’ve been in or one you’re hoping to have…that’s all I hope for.

Shelia: With this album did you have a lot of creative control?
Brian Mcknight:
I always have creative control.

Shelia: Not too many artists can say that.
Brian Mcknight:
From the beginning…I said if I didn’t have creative control, I didn’t want to do it; so I’ve had that since my very first album.

Shelia: What’s different from this album than from some of your previous ones?
Brian Mcknight:
I think the only difference is my outlook. I’m finally at a place where my view of myself and the view the label has of me is the same. I’m emancipated. I got out of a situation I wasn’t happy in. I think this music here is very light, not too deep and it seems like I’m having a lot more fun and I am.

Shelia: How do you stay motivated in between albums?
Brian Mcknight:
I just love to write music.

Shelia: Do you have plans on recording a gospel album?
Brian Mcknight:
Not at this time. I choose to put an inspirational song on every album as opposed to doing an entire gospel album.

Shelia: What are some of your goals for the upcoming year?
Brian Mcknight:
Single digit handy cap on the golf course.

Shelia: It sounds like golf is one of your favorite pastimes.
Brian Mcknight:
Yes. I’ve only been playing about eight months but I’m bit by the bug.

Shelia: What do you like to do besides play golf?
Brian Mcknight:
I still play basketball, skydive, and motorcycles, but right now golf is taking precedence over everything.

Shelia: Will you be doing some of those celebrity golf tournaments?
Brian Mcknight:
Soon. Not yet, but soon.

Shelia: I know it’s hard to pick favorite songs on your own album; especially when the whole album means so much to you, but tell me about three songs in three different categories on your CD–one that makes you feel good, one that makes you think and the third one in any category.
Brian McKnight:
A feel good song would be “For the Rest of My Life.” It’s probably one of the best songs I’ve every written. The title says it all. It’s the kind of love you’re looking for.

One song that makes you think about things is sort of my theme song and it’s “Should Have Been Loving You.” It’s a song where it makes you look at your life and ask yourself what would you change? You know you can’t change the past, but you can go back and tell the people whose lives you’ve affected that you’re sorry.

I wrote a song for the troops called “Red, White, and Blue.”

Shelia: Sylvia Hubbard is a huge Brian McKnight fan and she’s the winner of the “Speak with Brian Mcknight” contest that I had last month. After Sylvia got over the excitement of speaking with “the Brian Mcknight”, she was given an opportunity to ask him a few questions.

Below are her questions and his responses.

Sylvia: Where do you get your inspiration from when you make your music?
Brian Mcknight:
I get it from everywhere. Most of it comes from personal experiences but there’s some from other people’s affairs…

Sylvia: How do you feel about the type of music being made in your genre and how does it compare to your music?
Brian Mcknight:
I don’t do comparisons…I kind of live in my own world. I listen to the same music I listened to when I was a kid. My kids keep me up to date on what’s going on, but everything kind of sounds the same so I don’t know who’s who. People are expressing themselves the way that they are. Every next generation is different than the last one, so I don’t know.

I just do what I do.

To learn more about Brian Mcknight, be sure to visit his website. If you’re in New York, catch his performance on Broadway.

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Princess Dominique Interviews 20 Pack from I Love New York 2

As I revealed earlier this week, one of my guilty pleasures is watching a few reality TV shows and I plan on watching I Love New York 2 (in re-runs since it conflicts with Girlfriends and The Game…smile). I caught the shows first show in re-run and have to say 20 Pack definately stood out among the group of men. Princess Dominique interviewed him recently.

Princess Dominique Interviews 20 Pack from I Love New York 2 To read the interview, CLICK HERE.   “Paige’s Web by Shelia M. Goss is so good. I can’t stop turning the pages!”

Sherri Shepherd Named New Host on The View

It’s official. Sherri Shepherd has been named the new host on ABC’S The View according to People Magazine’s website.  Check out the interview I did with Shepherd earlier this year.

Shepherd’s resume includes roles on a variety of television shows such as The Jamie Foxx Show, Less Than Perfect, Everybody Loves Raymond, and numerous movies such as Guess Who and Beauty Shop.  Prior to being named the host, along with Whoopi Goldberg, over the past few months Sherri had been guest hosting. 
Sherri Shepherd Will Join The View Crew | Sherri ShepherdShelia Goss: My first memory of you was as Sheila from The Jamie Foxx Show. Since then, I’ve seen you on various TV shows as well as guest hosting on The View. You appear to be a natural behind the camera. Did you always know you wanted a career in entertainment or was it something that “just happened”?
Sherri Shepherd:
I knew at 4 years old, that I loved performing in front of people. At 4, my grandmother use to cook Sunday dinner for all of the family (cousins, 2nd cousins, aunts, uncles, great aunts, etc.) and after we ate, she’d put me in front of them and say “do your little program” and I would make everyone laugh. As I got older, I knew I’d either be a radio deejay or I would marry Michael Jackson. My career did not just “happen”. As a Christian, I don’t believe in “coincidences”. I believe that God appoints and directs everything. So this career is truly a blessing from above.

Shelia: What has been one of your most unforgettable roles?
Sherri Shepherd:
I LOVED playing the crazy “Sheila” on the Jamie Foxx show. Jamie allowed me to improv a lot of my scenes, and sometimes he’d be laughing so hard at my antics, he’d make me do take after take! There was one episode where I wanted to be in his music video, and I came out dancing crazy in a red dress… I fasted on water for 5 days before wearing that tight dress… after Jamie made me do that dance scene about 6 or 7 times, I was ready to pass out!

Shelia: You wear multiple hats (mother/actress/comedian/etc). a) How do you balance it all and b) How do you stay grounded with your success?
Sherri Shepherd:
Girl… PRAYER!!!! And this baby has made me run to the grocery store to purchase some One-A-Day multivitamins! I stay grounded, cuz’ I know that this success is a blessing… God giveth and God taketh away.

Shelia: What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursing a career as an actor?
Sherri Shepherd:
Make sure that is really what you want to do, cuz’ this business is not for the fainthearted. There are very few “overnight” successes. Most successful people you see, worked their butts off…so unless you get on American Idol and get in the Top 10 and make it to the Top 2, get ready for the long haul.

Shelia: What’s next for Sherri Shepherd? Any more TV shows or upcoming movies?
Sherri Shepherd:

Movies in Summer of 2007: The Transformers
and Who’s Your Caddy (starring Big Boi from the musical group “Outkast” & Faizon Love)

Be sure to check out Sherri Shepherd everyday starting next week on ABC’s The View. 

Interview by Shelia M Goss, an entertainment writer and National Best-selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige’s Web. For more information, visit