Guest Blogger – Unequally Yoked

Unequally Yoked

What’s a couple to do when they discover they’re unequally yoked,

They’re in love…

Had a nice wedding,

The sex is hot and often…

Occasionally they have conversations…


Now you knew there would be a but or two…

Ambition wise they couldn’t be more different,

Her focus is climbing the corporate ladder, shattering glass ceilings,

He is perfectly content, going to work eight hours a day, five days a week,

Then coming home to dinner, hopefully prepared by her, having a drink, chilling out with his head in her lap, watching ESPN,


She wants a baby right now,

Her biological clock is ticking, racing and winding down,

He would just as soon wait until they are forty, after all isn’t life just fine, the way it is…

When do these conversations take place?

During the courtship,

On the honeymoon,

Two years in,

On the way to the break-up?

I’m not sure I know the answer for all,

And I certainly understand, that we can’t be totally yoked,

However, when it comes to things as serious,

As babies and lifetime aspirations,

Some things probably should be planned before the broom is jumped…

What do you think?




12 comments on “Guest Blogger – Unequally Yoked

  1. Have you been peeping in my windows? Everything except the baby part rings true in my world. I think these things need to be discussed before marriage. If there isn’t a basic understanding of what the future holds for them individually, somebody/s gonna be in for a rude awakening. Luckily, I knew I had a workerKing, who loved his Playstation2 and ESPN and expected me to be his woman and mother at times BEFORE I said my vows. I vowed to love him where he was or wherever he wanted to be, as long as he took care of home. Great post!

  2. Those type of conversations should take place long before it gets to the serious stage. Communicating outside of the bedroom is the first step towards making sure it happens.

  3. That Damn good sex!!! Will mess up a great relationship everytime! if the sex was bad they definitely would have known they were unevenly

  4. Before the marriage, for sure.

    But don’t forget about money. How much does he owe, does she owe? Is he inclined to risk it all for a big payday or save for a rainy day? Does she only buy generic brands or is she a designer-til-I-die type of gal?

    Better talk about that one too!

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