Judge Mathis Has Been Sued

This person needs to sit down somewhere. When she agreed to be on the show, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. I don’t buy it.

*A woman who appeared as a litigant on TV’s “Judge Mathis” court show is suing Greg Mathis, Warner Bros and Telepictures claiming she was not informed about his current judicial status and was disparaged when Mathis referred to her as a hillbilly. To read more…

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Repost Saturday – 7 Year Old Swallows Grill

I originally posted this when it happened in July. Since it’s been getting a lot of hits this week, I thought I would repost.

A 7-year-old Florida boy accidentally swallowed his “grill — a decorative mental mouthpiece popular in the hip-hop culture, it was reported Saturday.   READ

Just in case you don’t know what a grill is, here’s an example:

This is the “Cotton Candy” grill for ladies (the top grill to be exact): Cotton Candy (Bottom) courtesy of Grills by Paul Wall http://www.grillsbypaulwall.com

Vick gets Dummy of the Week Award

I’m running out of awards, but had to give Michael Vick the 3rd Dummy of the Week award for this week. Why? If you know folks are watching you like a hawk; why oh why are you smoking some ciga-weed???  This is no Heisman Trophy, but Vick shares this honor with you know who this week.

MICHAEL VICK TESTS POSITIVE FOR WEED: Judge clamps down on his release conditions – QB now has a curfew.
*Things are getting worse by the day for Michael Vick. Some 24 hours after the state of Virginia charged him in the dogfighting case, a drug test has detected marijuana in his system.
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Why Vick why?

Bill O Reilly gets the Dummy of the Week Award

I couldn’t believe Bill O’Reilly made the comments he made about African-Americans.   Looks like his feelings don’t just pertain to rappers, but the entire Black race.  Watch it below for yourself:

He gets this week’s award. In fact, I’ll give him two – one for the home and office. 

Do you think his comments are offensive or racist? Does it sound like he cares?

OJ Simpson Gets the Dummy of the Week Award

OJ gets himself arrested for robbery. (Update…he now faces kidnapping charges too).

(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
O.J. can’t stay out of the news. This will an interesting case to follow.  The question is will O.J. now face some jail time?

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Police arrested O.J. Simpson on Sunday, saying he was part of an armed group who burst into a Las Vegas hotel room and snatched memorabilia that documented his own sports career, long ago eclipsed by scandal.

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O.J. cockiness has caught up with him it seems.  Why didn’t he keep a low profile? Why is he always showing his a**? O.J. gets the Dummy of the Week award hands down.

****UPDATE – OJ facing kidnapping charges…Read more…

A Strange Story – Toe Licker Nabbed

From the Smoking Gun:

Minnesota Toe Licker Nabbed

After mugging, creep told victim, “Now I’m going to suck your feet.”

SEPTEMBER 11–Meet Carlton Davis. The Minnesota man, 26, is facing felony charges for allegedly stealing a cell phone and purse from a woman he mugged on a St. Paul street early Saturday morning. According to police, after the woman turned over her belongings, Davis announced, “Now I’m going to suck your feet.” Which he did, after the 24-year-old victim removed her shoes. Davis, who fled when passersby approached, was apprehended by cops a few blocks from the crime scene. 

If you want to see a picture of this crazy dude, click here.

Dummy of the Week Award Goes To…

Former astronaut Lisa Nowak has filed a temporary insanity plea. Remember, she’s the the one who  drove across the country in a diaper to confront a woman who was messing with a man that she loved. 

Nowak suffered from major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia and “brief psychotic disorder with marked stressors,” defense attorney Donald Lykkebak wrote in his notice of intent to rely on the insanity defense.

You have to be crazy to drive across the country in a diaper to kidnap/harm a woman who is messing with not your husband, but a man who you used to mess with on the side and not think it would lead to an arrest. What was she thinking?

Dummy of the Week Award Goes to the Cat Bandit

A Rhode Island man is accused of extorting more than $20,000 from his elderly mother by repeatedly threatening to kidnap her cat unless she paid him. Garry Lamar was arrested last week and released on $200 bail. He has been ordered to stay away from his 78-year-old mother.Police said he started threatening to kidnap his mother’s beloved pet just over a year ago, when she kicked him out of her home.

According to authorities, Lamar allegedly kidnapped the cat once during the past year and made kidnapping threats on an almost weekly basis. Police don’t believe the cat was harmed, but they were still investigating.

Police said the mother made at least two dozen payments. 


Dummy of the Week Award

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig pleads guilty but says he’s not guilty. Hmmm.

A recording of his arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on charges of lewd behavior in a bathroom has been made public.

William Leap, an anthropology professor at American University, said his research indicates that up to half of those who engage in male bathroom sex would consider themselves heterosexual. Source: AP

Listen: Senator’s Arrest Interview

Dummy of the Week Award

“Some readers were shocked and angered by a Friday editorial page cartoon depicting a black man with a smoking gun in his hand standing over a bullet-riddled victim. 

Below is the picture in question…duh…what was the editor thinking???  Racist & Sexist in one caption. Some folks true colors shine so bright, you need shades on!!!


 “Using the word ‘ho’ was bad judgment, and I regret that I did not edit it out,’ ” Clark said.  Read the article…

Oops – Sorry

MAN SUES 1-800-FLOWERS FOR EXPOSING HIS AFFAIR: Oops, service sends thank you note to wife instead of girlfriend.
*Viewers of the “Today Show” Monday morning saw Leroy Greer and his lawyer Kennitra Foote attempt to explain the logic behind their $1 million lawsuit against 1-800-Flowers for inadvertently exposing him as a cheater.
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I bet this man thinks twice about cheating again or at the very least, he’ll hand deliver his next set of flowers. If I was the judge, I would throw this mess out and order him to pay his wife the money he’s trying to sue the florist for.

Would You Legally Name Your Child Superman?

WELLINGTON (Aug. 8) – A New Zealand couple is looking to call their newborn son Superman  — but only because their chosen name of 4Real  has been rejected by the government registry.


New Zealand blocked a couple’s bid to officially name their infant son 4Real, saying numerals are not allowed in names. Now his parents plan to name him Superman.

Okay, is it just me or is this one of the stupidest things you’ve ever heard. Why would you  name your child something like that. Call him Leroy and give him a nickname “Superman” or “4Real” but please don’t legal name your child that.

About a year or so ago, I was reading the birthdays in a local paper and saw that a woman named her daughter “Beautiful Unique.” I’m spelling it like it’s supposed to be spelled but believe me, that’s not how she spelled it.

What’s one of the strangest names you’ve heard or seen?