Ask R & B Singer Babyface a Question

Happy Birthday to me. I just received an email confirmation that I have an interview with Babyface later on this week.

African American Profile Graphics SoulCityGraphics.comDo I have any Babyface fans out there? If so, send me your questions and you just might see it used in the Babyface interview.   

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11 comments on “Ask R & B Singer Babyface a Question

  1. Hi! Ask Babyface this… When it comes to writing, how much time and effort does it take him. Especially when it deals with matters of trust and loyalty in relationships. And also ask him this…When he recored the duet with Stevie Wonder concerning domestic violence and in the video, the battered wife kills the husband, ask if he sees any change in society of resources for women and if he thinks this duet with Stevie opened the eyes of many Americans.

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