Bill O Reilly gets the Dummy of the Week Award

I couldn’t believe Bill O’Reilly made the comments he made about African-Americans.   Looks like his feelings don’t just pertain to rappers, but the entire Black race.  Watch it below for yourself:

He gets this week’s award. In fact, I’ll give him two – one for the home and office. 

Do you think his comments are offensive or racist? Does it sound like he cares?


Dummy of the Week Award

“Some readers were shocked and angered by a Friday editorial page cartoon depicting a black man with a smoking gun in his hand standing over a bullet-riddled victim. 

Below is the picture in question…duh…what was the editor thinking???  Racist & Sexist in one caption. Some folks true colors shine so bright, you need shades on!!! 

 “Using the word ‘ho’ was bad judgment, and I regret that I did not edit it out,’ ” Clark said.  Read the article…

MySpace is crowded with Immature Folks

Just because you’re invited into myspace doesn’t mean you should make a play. For those of us on we run into all sorts of folks. Everyone has their reasons for being on the site. For me, it’s a networking tool. I’m not there to meet, greet or find “Mr. Right.”

This guy sent me several emails expressing his interest and wanted to let me know “age ain’t nothing but a number.” I was bored, so I did entertain him for a minute to see how far he would go. This is the last part of the conversation. I’ll remove his name to protect his privacy, because I know if I talked like that, I wouldn’t want anybody to know it was me. Anyway, here it goes:

Immature says: my lil boy mama is 40yers old so what age got to do with it and my lil girl mama is 38years old and im a man that got a lott of work for u

My response: You’ve given me all of the examples of why you are too young—#1 You keep having babies with all these women. Just because you know how to populate, doesn’t mean you’re mature enough to be in a relationship with a mature woman. If you were, you wouldn’t be on myspace, you would be with one of your babies mamas.

I wish you nothing but love and success. Next time you approach a woman; don’t use those examples; they weren’t good ones. Just a little advice from an older woman. 🙂

Any man who thinks his worth is the extension coming from his legs is too immature to deal with a mature woman in a grown up type of relationship.

Sadly, it’s not limited to 20 something year olds…sometimes the 30s/40s are still trying to hold on to their youthful ways…but there comes a time when a man needs to grow up.

Terry McMillan’s Ex Jonathan Plummer

Terry McMillan’s ex-husband Jonathan Plummer is releasing a fictional tale loosely based on his real life. Jonathan Plummer


As an author, I try to support writers who are brave enough to  pursue their dream; but Plummer is not a writer. He’s an opportunist. He’s used his past relationship with McMillan and has capitalized on it and the drama surrounding their divorce. More than likely he didn’t write the book himself, but hired a ghostwriter to write this book.  

As an avid reader, I’m appalled that its even being released.


As a writer, I’m appalled because there are so many aspiring “true” writers who have stories to tell who aren’t given a book deal, but this non-writer gets a book deal just because of who he was married to.


Yes, this is a rant and I don’t think it’s fair; but life isn’t fair is it???


Question: Do you plan on buying it? You already know my answer.


See article about his book at

Dummy of the Week Award Goes To…

Didn’t your mama teach you if you didn’t have anything nice to say, to keep your mouth shut? I’m sure this reporter wished he would have listened.

REPORTER LOSES GIG AFTER MICHAEL VICK RAPE REMARK: Comment was made on sports TV show in Pittsburgh.
*Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Paul Zeise has apologized for commenting on a local sports panel TV show that Michael Vick would have been “better off raping a woman” than being charged with dogfighting.
Read more

Definately the wrong choice of words! 

The Simple Life Has Crossed the Line

Today has really been an unproductive day since I had the kids and couldn’t concentrate on writing, I decided to just do nothing on the net…and that nothing led me to various sites that I usually visit late at night if I’m not too tired or if I’m on a conference call and need something to entertain me while listening to a boring lecture.

Anyway, I said all of that to say, when I went to YB & F website and saw this entry, all I could say was WTF and I don’t curse.

Apparently Paris and Nicole decided to put on the “blackface” like you being Black is something you can put on and take off.

Is this 2007? Am I seeing things? What were the producers of The Simple Life thinking about??? Below are the pics:

Nicole…what is your daddy thinking? This has gone too far. Hmm…and I wonder why I heard it was cancelled!

Another Writer Scammed

Carla J Curtis talks about dealing with scammers in the world of writing. See her entry at Beware of the Snakes and False Prophets.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a bad experience with a magazine. Actually two magazines. The experience taught me to NEVER ever again invest as much time and energy with a project that isn’t my own.  Some people will mislead you and give you sob stories and if you’re not aware of the TOTAL picture, you’ll believe what comes out of their mouth.

I hate being misled. I will help almost anybody, but if I feel that you’re trying to get over–game’s over. Writers work hard and if we agree to write for you for a certain pay scale, then by all means, it needs to be honored. Now if we agree that in lieu of payment, we’ll write for a byline, then honor it. We’re not difficult creatures to work with. We’re human. We just want to be treated fairly.

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