Dummy of the Week Award

Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig pleads guilty but says he’s not guilty. Hmmm.

A recording of his arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on charges of lewd behavior in a bathroom has been made public.

William Leap, an anthropology professor at American University, said his research indicates that up to half of those who engage in male bathroom sex would consider themselves heterosexual. Source: AP

Listen: Senator’s Arrest Interview


Don Imus is he back???

Looks like shock jock Don Imus might be back on the airwaves soon. Is he remorseful for those racial and sexist comments he made earlier this year? The proof is in his actions.

He just settled a lawsuit against CBS, but now he faces a lawsuit because one of the young ladies from Rutgers is suing him and CBS.

Imus is talking to WABC-AM and other stations about making a possible comeback, a person familiar with the talks told The Associated Press. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the details had not been announced. To read the full story, go here: http://www.kansascity.com/business/story/232051.html

Do you think it’s fair that Imus may be coming back on the air? Shouldn’t he just take his money from the CBS settlement and chill out? Is Imus views the same views as others so is that why the door to return to the airwaves is opened to him?

Essence talks about Media Coverage of AA Missing Children

Essence magazine reports about the alarming problem of missing kids and how the media doesn’t give as much attention to children who are Black. I hope that in the future the media will give attention to this rising problem. Regardless of what color a child is, it should be reported and given the same amount of coverage. 

Kendrick Jackson, missing since April 2006

Thirty-three percent of the 700,000 children who go missing are Black, but the news rarely reports them. 
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