New Orleans Two Years After Katrina

Where were you two years ago when one of the most horrific events of my state and nation happened? Where were you when the levees crashed in New Orleans as a result of Hurricane Katrina making it’s home in the Gulf of Mexico? Construction work continues at the control structure at the 17th Street Canal in New Orleans, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2007. If the Army Corps of Engineers has its way, and billions in federal funds don't get siphoned off by war or another natural disaster, those who remain in New Orleans should be better protected from flooding by 2015. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) AP Photo

I remember being glued to the TV because I had friends stuck in New Orleans.  I remember trying to reach those friends, but the phone lines, including cell phones were down. In fact, at that time my cell phone number was a 504 number so no one could reach me unless they sent me a text message. 

I could remember waiting by the phone, waiting and waiting to hear from loved ones hoping they got out in time or if they didn’t get out, they were on higher ground.  I can remember the joy I felt when my friend Kev sent me a text message to alert me he was safe in Baton Rouge at a relatives house. The only downside was he hadn’t heard from his brother; so more prayers went up.

I can remember seeing the devastation as if the area that was flooded in New Orleans was a war zone. I can remember a TV reporter showing things in the water that looked like bodies floating.

I can remember the tears that wouldn’t stop falling as I saw my people, our people, suffering, thinking there was no hope because it seemed like our nation’s government had forgotten about them.

Do you remember where you were on that ill-fated day when the Levees broke?