Wealth of Your Spirit

Thought for Today: WEALTH OF YOUR SPIRIT

The most accurate measure of our worth is how much we value ourselves. When we value who we are, we are sure to draw to us others who value us as much. When we are needy, deficient, lacking confidence and self-esteem, we will find ourselves in situations and among people that reinforce those views.The first step in building relationships is learning to value who we are. We cannot convince others how wonderful and marvelous we are if we do not believe it. We must first convince ourselves. If we repeatedly find ourselves in situations where we are treated badly, we are responsible, not the other person. When we find ourselves in situations where we do not feel wanted, we must have the courage and confidence to leave. Our sense of worth must first come from within. When we have that, we can expect those in our relationships will value us as well.

The wealth of my spirit is the light of my world.—“Acts of Faith”

By Shelia Posted in Life

7 comments on “Wealth of Your Spirit

  1. First off love the new look, I will need to add this blog to my blogroll, I have the other blog.

    Anyway your words are so true, my mother always said if no one else love you, baby love yourself.

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