Book Picks of the Week

The Plural Thing

Spiritually Preparing for your Soul Mate

Double Platinum
The Plural Thing is not just a book – its filled with words of wisdom to empower the reader to lead an enriched life.
The Plural Thing
by Linda Dominique Grosvenor
Feels Like Falling
Double Platinum
Fall in Love this winter in this cozy read from Michelle McGriff.
Feels Like Falling 
By Michelle McGriff
Hell Has No Fury
From a master of suspense, Hell Has No Fury is a thriller you don’t want to miss.Hell Has No Fury
By Keith Lee Johnson
Wicked Ways
Donna Hill is back with the follow up to her other page-turner “Getting Hers.”Wicked Ways picks up where it stopped. Readers won’t be disappointed.
Wicked Ways
By Donna Hill
  More Stocking StuffersDouble Platinum      Roses Are Thorns,Violets Are True                                        
One G String Short of Crazy
Double Platinum
Since I wrote my own book about twins, I love finding other books about them. Desiree Day’s latest novel is a page-turner and has plenty of “oh no she didnt'” moments.
One G-String Short of Crazy
By Desiree Day

Double Platinum My Invisible Husband

Paige’s Web – A Great Stocking Stuffer

Blow Your Mind
Double Platinum
This twisted tale will have you glued to the pages. Eric Pete has another hit on his hands.Blow Your Mind 
By Eric Pete
By Shelia Posted in Books

5 comments on “Book Picks of the Week

  1. I always try to get more writings into my book during the wee hours. It helps me sleep better.

    And I always stalk your, gwyneth and dominique’s blogs during these hours.

    Looking for pointers.

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