Tea Anyone???

This is a repeat for some since I posted it Sunday night on Blogging in Black…but here you go:

When you were a little girl, did you ever play the “tea party game” with either other friends or your dolls? Well, I did. Sunday, I actually attended my second adult tea party - “A Tea and Conversation.” The same group of ladies invited me last year and fortunately for me, their members wanted me to come back. Who knows, this may be a yearly thing )

I like going to events that aren’t typical “book signings.” An event such as a “tea party” is so much more fun. Nice people;books; tea; conversation; it doesn’t get better than that. Well, it does because I won a few games and walked away with a few door prizes (sometimes I can be competitive…smile). I just love my beautiful new fine bone china tea cup and saucer. Once again, I came away with not only a cute tea cup and new readers, but hopefully some new friends.

P.S. – I have pictures but don’t feel like loading to my server…if you want to see pics of some of the tea cups people brought, I’ll email the pics to you.

P.S.S. – I’m invited to another tea party in a few weeks. The quest to find the perfect fine bone china tea cup and saucer is on.

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