Why Are You Playing Games?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I enjoyed my much needed break. I enjoyed time with my family and did some bargain shopping. These next few weeks will be busy because I plan on taking off from Christmas until the new year. I have 2 projects that I have to complete prior to then. Anyway, enough about me. How was your Thanksgiving?

Something from the past:

Why Are You Playing Games Part II(As The Music Fades)
By Shelia M Goss


I’ve been thinking about you more than I should

And your actions are doing me no good.
I was there for you whenever you called.
But when I needed you, you couldn’t be found.
When I’m not there, you should understand why.

I gave you my time, and you gave me some lies.
Tell me, Do you get a thrill on playing these games.

Do you look at the caller id, because you can’t remember my name.
Why Are You Playing Games with me?
If you’re not playing games, I do apologize.

But if you are, please stop wasting my time.
I know you’re busy, but I’m busy too.

And no matter what, I seemed to make time for you.
Communication is a two way street.
Verbal, not just in between the sheets.
See I’ve been down this road before

And to be honest, I can’t take much more.
So I ask you, Why Are You Playing Games with me?

I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt,

And now I’m seeing what you’re really about.
You tried to take advantage of my kind heart.
I’ll move on, before I let you tear it apart.
Time and time again, I’ve given you a chance.

So as the music fades, remember this is our last dance.


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