On Holiday and more

I’m on a much needed vacation this week, but will be back next week.

In the meantime, check out some of the pics from the Paige’s Web book release party this past weekend:

The picture machine broke so instead of the book cover they went with fall colors.

Nice decorations 🙂

Me in the red.

I won a door prize…a book…hopefully I’ll get a chance to read while on break.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

P.S. – I’ll probably be checking email remotely from my laptop sometime during the week.


9 comments on “On Holiday and more

  1. Thanks Angelia.
    Opinionated Diva, so far so good 🙂
    Gwyneth, the cake was real good.
    Don, thanks. Always good to be around family.
    PrincessDominique, can’t wait for Turkey Day 🙂
    Bettye, it was actually yellow cake…the original cake was supposed to have the book cover and 1/2 yellow and the other 1/2 chocolate…but they were having too many issues so I just told them to do a yellow cake. It was too late for me to order another cake somewhere else.

  2. hey girl, I hear you on the vacation I’m out of here too, going ot Pueblo, Colorado. AACK! We’ll see, anyway, looks like this was another successful book release party & that cake looks TOO GOOD. Best wishes on everything.

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