From A to Z

My Life from A to Z
A – Age: late 30s
B – Best Friend: They know who they are.
C – Choice of Meat: Beef
D – Dream Date: hmm…let me think on this one…dream date are you out there… 🙂

E – Exciting Adventure: taking a cruise on the Nile River and visiting the pyramids in Egypt
F – Favorite Food: chicken fetticine alfredo, bar-b-que, steak
G – Greatest Accomplishment: Ask me this in about a year (smile)
H – Happiest Day of Your Life: Every day because every day is a blessing
I – Interests: Writing, Reading, Travelling, Surfing the Net, Chatting with Friends (online/offline)
J – Joke: Couldn’t tell a joke, even if you gave me the punch line.
K – Kool-Aid: Any variation of RED
L – Love: It’s possible…still waiting on that dream date
M – Most Valued possession: duh…my computer
N – Name: no, my mom did not spell my name wrong…it’s s-h-e-l-i-a…not the other way.
O – Outfit You Love: Black top/skirt/leather boots

P – Pizza Toppings: italian sausage
Q – Question Asked To You the Most: It’s a tie: When are you getting married or Why you don’t have any kids?
R – Radio Station: XM Radio
S – Sport: Basketball…will watch Football if I’m with a guy I really REALLY like
T – Television Show: Any CSI, The Unit, The Game, Cane, Ugly Betty

U – Umbrella in the rain?: Now you know I can’t get the perm wet unless I’m wearing a hair weave…lol
V – Video: The Color Purple, Friday(s),  Love Jones, Love & Basketball, Waiting to Exhale, Purple Rain, The Best Man, Two Can Play that Game, etc
W – Winter: Love it if I can be cuddled up with some sexy guy
X – X-rays recently?: that’s a little too personal…but NO.
Y – Year Born: okay, this goes back to the letter “A”…let’s just say it was in the 1900’s
Z – Zodiac Sign: Virgo–and you know this.

If you’re reading this blog, be sure to repost and do your own A to Z on your blog (I bet you’re saying Oh No Shelia Didn’t…hee hee).


3 comments on “From A to Z

  1. Seems that we love a lot of the same movies, Love Jones, and Love and Basketball are two of my faves, I also love Italian Sausage and writing and reading…and your mama gets to spell your name how she wanted to…smiling…

    Be Blessed,
    angelia vernon menchan

  2. I bet you’re saying Oh No Shelia Didn’t…hee hee

    You would win money on that bat. LOL. I see we like the same movies. I’m cracking up at the “red” Koolaid LOL>


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