Single, Committed or Married – Save the Drama

As a single woman and dating, you run into all sorts of men. For the most part, most men who approach are single. But then there are those who forget that they have a significant other.

Let me first define single, because unfortunately there are those that don’t know or just don’t care. Single is Not Married. If there is a Mrs. Jones in the horizon, you are not single. I will even add that if you are in a committed relationship and you both agreed to not see other people, you are not really in the “single” category either…you’re in the “not married” category, but you have someone and you’re not really single…so don’t approach women acting like you’re “footloose and fancy free.”

If you’re unhappy with the one you’re with, then move on before trying to get someone else involved in your drama. Life shouldn’t be that complicated.

I was watching this Lifetime movie last night. The main character’s husband cheated on her. She didn’t confront him about it immediately, instead she went out and did the same thing. Does it make it right? No. Two wrongs don’t make a right. In this case, her doing the same thing ended up deadly. The man she cheated with became obsessive. Cheating not only destroys the bond between the two people involved, it can destroy families.

It kind of makes you leery on jumping into a relationship. Trust definately has to be there. Makes me wonder what happens in a relationship that’s so bad, that it’ll cause a person to go outside of it to seek sexual gratification or are they looking for an emotional attachment that’s missing from the relationship they are in.

Have you ever gotten involved with someone who lied to you about being married or in a relationship? If so, how did you deal with the situation? If you are the one who cheated, what were some of your reasons?


7 comments on “Single, Committed or Married – Save the Drama

  1. I got involved but I knew the deal. So it really wasn’t any sweat involved.

    I became involved while being in a relationship, and as usual, I messed up bad.

    But it seems all the good women are already taken … so what’s a brother to do?

  2. I probably shared this before, but I’ll share it again. 😉 There was this guy I met a few years back. The boy was fiaannnne and had good conversation. I pointedly asked if he was married or in a committed relationship. He “pointedly” said he was single.

    As we talked, a few red flags went up. At the time I was running my transportation service, which offered me the opportunity of doing background checks just like that. When he had driven away from the restaurant that night, I copied down his license plate. Hindsight, I guess.

    When I got home, I typed in the number. It pulled up his driver’s licence and the driver’s license of his spouse. But that wasn’t all—I also found out that he hadn’t given me his real name.

    So, when dude called me the next day, I “called” him by his real name. He was so darn busted, he couldn’t say anything. But there was no need–this sistah was done. 😉

  3. Don, we live and we learn…P.S. – all the good women aren’t taken 🙂

    Yolanda, it’s sad we have to do research on a man before dating him, but we must do what we have to do. I know he couldn’t believe he was cold busted.

  4. “I was watching this Lifetime movie last night” see now thats what the problem really is. Lifetime is the male bashing station of origin. add in the we channel and a couple more and then you have every woman thinking their husband/man is a cheating, lying, cold, calculating, homicidal killer.

    I’m very disappointed to see this is what you were watching when all this came to mind.

    I am not a cheater although I did a married woman or two while 1) the mr was in the jail without no bail for a long time. aka mercy sex and 2) when she had been separated and living in separate households.

    I hope that helps. lol@lifetime geeez

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