Today marks the anniversary of my dad’s death. His death came as a surprise, but a reminder that we’re not put on earth to be here forever. We are only travelling through.  Be sure to tell everyone that you care about how much you love them. Don’t put it off.  Do not allow the excuse “I’ll do it tomorrow” keep you from living your life TODAY.


8 comments on “RIP Dad

  1. That is it Sistah,
    My mother’s death was a turning point in my life, for the past almost five years I embrace the morning everyday and live life as fully as I can…beautiful…


  2. Tetechou, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your mom.

    Angelia, I like that “embrace the morning” … my mind thinks of so many positive things when I think of embracing the morning.

  3. So true, Shelia. My dad passed away a little over four years ago. And I have so many regrets about things that never got said… I’m sending you cyber hugs as you remember your dad today.


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