American Gangster

How do I rate the movie? Go check it out this weekend…you won’t be disappointed.  I’ll give a detailed review in next week’s edition of Film Reviews 2 Go.  Denzel did a great job bringing Frank Lucas to life.

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Read about the man whose life this movie is based on:

To see pictures from Denzel’s previous movies, CLICK HERE.


3 comments on “American Gangster

  1. Shucks. I was hoping my husband would want to go to the movies this weekend, but instead he offered dinner at a Japanese steak house, after which he said he was tired. (It’s now Sunday afternoon, and he is snorins his head off on the living room couch – but he hasn’t been sleeping well at night lately, so I’m glad).

    Maybe next weekend?

  2. I liked the movie. I didn’t love it. But I think with the build-up and hype surrounding it, I was just a little under-whelmed. Denzel was great as usual and Russell Crowe was good. But for me the film as a whole was just good. I didn’t leave the theatre raving and unable to stop talking about it or anything like that.


  3. I looked at the movie as a documentary because I’ve read a lot about Frank Lucas and Bumpy Johnson. Denzel did a good job bringing Frank’s character to life on film. Frank was ruthless.

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