The Highway of Love & Pain – A Collaboration

I wrote this along with two other talented people. We used to call ourselves the Poetic Flava Family. It’s been awhile since we collaborated.


By Shelia M Goss~Markess A Wilder~Miguel A Wilder

I drove down heartbreak avenue, made a left on teardrop lane.

Hung a right on forsaken boulevard, and went through two streets…. ache, and pain.
I stopped at the lonely people intersection, then turned on a street called falling apart.
I must have made a wrong turn…on the way to your heart.
It must have been a dead-end, so I had to put my love in reverse.
Before doing that, I ran over something that made my heart want to burst.
I ran over a few aches and pains, then I decided it was time to change lanes.
So here I go again, driving down heartbreak lane.
Even though the road ahead is rough I’ll Keep pressing on through the night.
My vision is blurred, and my body is tired but I’ll keep moving towards the light.
Through road blocks, and detours I search for my salvation.
I’ll go on until I hit empty, or reach my destination.
I have been driving around for hours, so I pulled into this store.
The sign said broken promises, now where have I heard that name before?
I must be going in circles, this store is on that same street, falling apart.
I know I made a wrong turn on the way to your heart.
I did a U-turn and decided to go down another street.
I thought I was headed in the right direction, when my body started to over heat.
The steam finally dissolved itself and I knew it wasn’t love.
So I must put a stop to this madness, before I hit another curve.
I’ve gotten lost before and the next love won’t be in this direction.
The signs on the side of the road have taught me a lesson.
The next road I take, will not be the same.
I’m not giving up on finding it, I’m going back to lover’s lane.
I’m off the back roads now, headed for the highway.
I’m just going to cruise on until the road stops, from now on I’m doing things my way.
Good-bye broken promises, as the neon light fades in the rear view.
No more looking back, because up ahead I have a clear view…

Copyright AUGUST 31, 1998 by Markess A Wilder~Shelia M Goss~Miguel A Wilder Of The Poetic Flava Family


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