Is Love Blind?

You’ve probably seen a friend or family member get involved with someone who is obviously not the right person for them. We may have been in a relationship with the one person we probably had no reason being involved with. Why? 
It starts with an L and ends with an E or it could end with a T. Lust led to love and love can be blind. Simple.

How many times has someone tried to warn you about a man who you later find out to be a dog with a capital D? Sometimes our own intuition kicks in and warns us that he is not the one, but we ignore our internal radar and fall for the handsome face or buff body.

Here are a few sure signs you need to run away (regardless if he’s heterosexual, bisexual or just came out of the closet gay):

1. If your man is constantly getting checked out by gay men, run the other way.
2. If your man stays in the mirror more than you do, you might want to think again and run the other way.
3. If your man uses vaseline on his lips, you got it–run the other way.
4. If your man stops pleasing you sexually, don’t stand for it–run the other way.
5. If your family and friends tell you something just ain’t right about him–listen–they can see something you can’t–run the other way.

Okay, I think you get the point. To PROTECT your heart AND your HEALTH, you must take off the blinders and see the man for who and what he is.

Love might be blind, but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

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5 comments on “Is Love Blind?

  1. The old folk used to say love is blind, stupid and dumb… LOL… Truth be told, it’s probably not blind. In the cases you describe it sounds like “selective” blindness and willful ignorance…


  2. I’ m not sure why using vaseline and looking in the mirror excessively is something necesserily bad. If you live by these rules you’ll just miss out on a lot of decent (and well groomed) men.

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