Prenupts – For or Against?

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich. If you have property such as a home, possibility of inheriting property, own your own business, help put a spouse through school, or a spouse helps put you through school, etc. a prenupt might be something you would want to consider. A prenupt protects both parties involved.

Women these days are making just as much (if not more) money than men, so getting a prenupt before marriage isn’t just something to benefit the man anymore. Grant it, the mention of “prenupt” might make a man or woman run away. Especially if they feel that the mere idea of one is a sign that the relationship isn’t as solid as it should be or that the party requesting the other person to sign one doesn’t believe “in their love” enough. A prenupt isn’t personal, it’s business. It’s a way to protect yourself. In the ideal world, “Until death do us part” would be true 100 percent of the time, but unfortunately divorce does happen–especially if relationships are based on false pretenses.

Do you believe in prenupts? What if you are the one with the money or potential to make a lot of money? Should it be the deciding factor on whether or not you marry?


6 comments on “Prenupts – For or Against?

  1. If I had some real money then I would definitely be down with a pre-nupt. If the woman had real cheese then I would definitely sign it.

    I wouldn’t want to marry someone with their thinking it was about money, and vice versa.

  2. The way the world is going now, prenupts should be considered a requirement just like a blood test for marriage. Too many people say it commercializes marriage and that marriage is about love. I don’t see where one has anything to do with the other. People get married and have separate bank accounts. If you are smart enough to do that, why not be smart enough to protect what you have, even if it is just a lil. It does not mean you don’t love the one you marrying, it just means you are being smart.

  3. When I was younger, I would have said no to prenupt. Now I’m a little wiser and seen crazy stuff in the news, I’d vote for a prenupt. People have the misconception that a prenupt works against a person. Actually both parties can negotiate the terms of the document. My kids may one day be married and at their tender ages as young teens, I’ve started talking about prenupt. In case, you think that I’m a bitter divorced woman, that’s not the case. I’ll soon be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with my college sweetheart.


  4. Don/A Deeva/Michelle – I’m all for a pre-nupt as well. Very few people I know go into a marriage knowing its not going to last. They go into it with the idea that it will last…but things happen…its best to be prepared than not.

  5. God is my pre-nupt and no matter what I have, no man or woman can take that what he has given. I notice that a lot of couples get married for the sex, money not for love. Communcation is the key, and couples don’t talk to each other, they talk at each other. Pre-nupt are covers for the frighten people. We all work hard for what we have and you can’t take it with you………..

  6. Lina, you definately can’t take it with you. Unfortunately there are people who are good at hiding their true intentions. The other party doesn’t find out until after the “I dos.” Prenuptials is just another legal document that I think should be like a requirement. The same as a marriage license.

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