OPB Friday – Contest, Men, Animals and the Bottom Line

Song for the day – Just Got Paid by Johnny Kemp

O.P.B. stands for Other People Blogs. These are a few places I visited this past week. Check them out:

My Invisible Husband is still going strong almost a year later. I found this link while surfing last night. Check this out:

Battle of the Book Covers

Alicia Keys Contest – If you win, don’t forget about me 🙂

Don put in overtime this week. He has a few hot topics over at Minus the Bars:

The Good Man versus The Man You Wish You Never Met

Are you easy to fall in love? (Why or why not?)

Click on the following link only if you want to see animals do some things that your kid shouldn’t see. Be warned, its not G-rated.

Click here: Divalicious Opinions: 5 Reasons NOT to take your kids to the zoo

Just like it’s important for people to go see a movie on “opening weekend,” authors need the support the first month the book hits the shelves. It’s all about the numbers and publishers are looking at the bottom line. Check out Adrianne Byrd’s post:


For you movie buffs, there will be another Mummy movie.  Jet Li will be in this one. Check out The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. 

Here’s a little eye candy for the ladies:

Tyson Beckford is ready for his close-up — again. Read more…


8 comments on “OPB Friday – Contest, Men, Animals and the Bottom Line

  1. Okay, not focusing on Mr. Beckford. Don’t have shades to protect me eyes and I have work to do!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sheila! I hopped from your site over to Monica Jackson’s where a very interesting discussion on racism in America is taking place.


  2. Sheila,

    I am not surprised My Invisible Husband is still going strong. Just from the title of the book alone, it would appear that most women will identify with the read.

    Thank you very much for the kind and complimentary words. I’ve personally learned alot from other people’s comments. Some awaken the conscious.

    Opinionated Diva was wrong for that post. lol. Some funny stuff.

    I’m about to check out Adrienne Byrd’s post now. BRB.

  3. Adrienne Byrd makes a valid point. Definitely have to build the fan base. Because Street Lit publishers like Vivian Stringer take an almost street style approach to the hustle-cation of her books – don’t hustle, don’t eat.

  4. Don, I like reading your blog because I too learn from you and the others who comment. Great topics 🙂 Books and hustling go hand in hand these days. I didn’t realize what my mentor meant until my first book was published.

  5. I thought I posted on this yesterday but it must have gotten lost… eith that or I got so excited by Tyson I forgot to press submit comment. Anyway… all I did was thank you very much for including the photo of Tyson with the post. 🙂


  6. Thanks Sheila. From my conversation with Stringer I was informed how there really was no difference in the two means. Both require alot of selling yourself and “in your face” conversation.

  7. Don, Vickie gives good advice. She has a book about book promoting that I recommend to others. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve watched her career from from self-publishing to publishing mogul.

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