Why Did I Get Married Gets Five Stars

I went to the first showing of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married.  I called myself getting there early but there were still about 8 folks in line in front of me. A group of about 20 women from a local retirement home came up right after I did.  The crowd kept growing and growing and that was for the 12:05 show. Being a writer, I like to observe. My ears picked up on the excitement of the crowd anticipating the movie….young and old.  I listened to the various conversations. The oldest woman had to have been in her 80s.  I chuckled when I heard her say, “I love me some Tyler Perry, but don’t y’all run over me trying to get in that theater.” The reason why she said that is because the box office didn’t open until about ten or fifteen minutes before the movie was supposed to start showing and once they did open up; we all had to stand in another line and wait for them to unlock the doors.

Anyway, you’re not reading this to find out about my experience in line.  Why Did I Get Married  is a dramatic comedy. The cast ensemble was perfect. Each couple had their own set of issues. The storyline was realistic.  I don’t want to go into too many details because I want you to go see the movie.  You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll cheer and you might even find yourself talking back at the screen.

I give it 5 stars and I plan on seeing it again!

I want to see more movies made like this so please go see it this weekend. The first weekend numbers count. Yes, I did check my stub to make sure they didn’t give credit to another film. If people support movies like this;  someone might get a hold of one of my books (My Invisible Husband or Paige’s Web) and feel so inclined to make them into a movie (shameless plug 🙂 ).

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Final Why Did I Get Married trailer

‘Why Did I Get Married’ Cast Appear On Oprah

A Five Star Production

http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZUxdm080YYUS   “Paige’s Web by Shelia M. Goss is so good. I can’t stop turning the pages!”

8 comments on “Why Did I Get Married Gets Five Stars

  1. IMO< the storyline was not original enough to warrant 5 stars. But my mentality may be distorted because I compare alot of movies to a great book which I know cannot be duplicated.

    A movie like Man Of Fire deserves 5 stars. I know – they are different kinds of movies. Soul Food is a 5 star flick as well. I admire Tyler Perry.

  2. Hey Dominique!

    It’s something to see so many productive black women (you, Sheial, Gwyneth) all gathered on one page. I’m not used to this. LOL.

    But I tend to agree with you how it could be a preference of gender. And then again, the reason why I liked Soul Food so much was – I identified with the storyline.

    Maybe, you as a woman, can identify with Tyler Perry’s new movie a little bit more than I can.

    One thing’s for sure: black women sure do stick up for Tyler. I like that.

  3. Don, I haven’t seen it done with a Tyler Perry twist. I’m partial to these themes, because I know what I like to see on film. As an author of women’s fiction, I want to see stories that I like to write about and read about on the silver screen. Its refreshing to see us cast in roles that could have easily gone to a non-AA actor.

    I want to see more movies like this with African-Americans in the lead roles. It was a well put together production.

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