Fact or Fiction

I first saw this done on Divalicious Opinions site.  Thought I would do it here.

Here are ten statements allegedly about me. Which are true and which are false? Have fun. I’ll post the answers later.

  1. I’m from Louisiana and I grew up on a farm. We had to get up at 5 am every morning to do chores before walking a mile to the bus stop to get to school.
  2. I met Maya Angelou in the 9th grade at a freshman lock-in. I didn’t realize then, how important that encounter would impact me later. 
  3. One of my brothers taped my phone conversation with my boyfriend (is that legal???) when I was a teenager and later tried to bribe me not to tell our parents.
  4. I married my college sweetheart, but later divorced him after I found out he was on the DL (a dirty leech).
  5. My best friend and I got into a big argument about nothing and didn’t talk for two years.
  6. Besides writing, drawing is another one of my favorite things to do. 
  7. I performed as one part of this singing duo on The Main Circuit, a local version of Soul Train.
  8. I’ve gone to Paris several times.
  9. I’ve been engaged twice.
  10. I am Anna Nicole Smith’s cousin.
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5 comments on “Fact or Fiction

  1. #10 has possibilities; although I’m not sure you want to be in gene pool. And then if you are – you know I’m kidding ;-p

    #2 – I think you deserved to meet Maya, so I’m going along with that.

    #5 best friends not talking. Heck that could be most of our lives.

    #8 – I think you’ve gone to Paris and you haven’t specified which one (in America or Europe)

    #7 – the singing gig – not sure. You’re already multi-talented. And if you added singing to it, I’d have to hate you.


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