Judge Mathis Has Been Sued

This person needs to sit down somewhere. When she agreed to be on the show, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. I don’t buy it.

*A woman who appeared as a litigant on TV’s “Judge Mathis” court show is suing Greg Mathis, Warner Bros and Telepictures claiming she was not informed about his current judicial status and was disparaged when Mathis referred to her as a hillbilly. To read more…

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4 comments on “Judge Mathis Has Been Sued

  1. This woman won’t recieve a dime with this frivolous lawsuit talking about she didn’t know it was a REAL courtroom. OK. But Judge Mathis is wrong in saying, he was sending these hillbillies back to the hills.

    lol @ washing maching outside.

  2. I don’t know one person who doesn’t know who Judge Mathis is…even the little kids know. Well, she might not have watched his show, but somebody she knows has and they know he calls it like he sees it. Whether I agree or disagree with his statements, that’s a part of his show. Still no excuse for her to “not know”…that’s why she was in court on his show in the first place…obvious she doesn’t do her homework.

  3. Ive been watching Mathis for awhile and he has gotten to be very rude and insulting. I cant hardly believe he can say some of the stuff he gets away with saying. Also he doesnt even listen to what theyre saying.Ive caught it a few times where he said they said stuff that they didnt say.Hes became areal show off.

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