One Love for Whodini

I watched the second half of VH1 Hip-Honors last night. I tuned in just in time to see one of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time being honored – WHODINI. I can still remember the time Whodini, LL Cool J and Slick Rick the ruler came to my city for one of the best concerts I can recall.

Walk with me back down memory lane.

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3 comments on “One Love for Whodini

  1. You know this hip-hop head watched the show twice. My favorite rap group of all time is A Tribe Called Quest. The tribute to Whodini was great. I think Nick Cannon and Nelly did wonderful jobs with the songs and they had the lyrics and delivery down. I was disappointed that Lupe Fiasco jacked up Phife’s lyrics in the tribute to Tribe. And Common always sounds like he needs to blow his damn nose. So, I was less than impressed with the tribute to Tribe Called Quest. Pharrel was good and I like the fact that he had his back pack on and gave a nod to the “back pack hip-hop heads” that Tribe inspired… But if I had my choice the Tribe tribute would have been done by Mos Def, Kanye West (with his whining, cry-baby behind) and I guess since Pharrel did them justice he could stay. But, alas, no one asked me… I also thought the tribute to Missy could have been better. The tribute to Snoop was great. And Whodini got old. Man! One of them, Jaleel I think, had on those white tube socks pulled all the way up, looking like somebody’s grandpops.


  2. Gwyneth, you know you are wrong for talking about the man’s socks. He’s from the old school. Well, maybe I should say he’s “stuck” in the old school.

    I am happy to see the show evolve in the fabo manner in which it has. There’s something proud about the way hip hop wasn’t anything more than a fad when it began, but now it has become more of a treasure when shows such as these take the timt to pay tribute to past legends.

    With that said, Nick Cannon impressed me with his flow. As did TI, Nelly Furtado and Eve murdered her verse.

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