I Love New York 2

Last night I was doing a radio interview on The Just About Books Radio Show so I missed the premiere of I Love New York 2. 

Unfortunately, the time of this show conflicts with Girlfriends and The Game; so I will have to watch the show when it comes on the 2nd time. Speaking of The Game, can someone tell me what happened Monday night?

I did find this link for a show recap:  Episode Main Page: I Love New York 2: Let’s Do It Again

http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb001_ZUxdm080YYUS   “Paige’s Web by Shelia M. Goss is so good. I can’t stop turning the pages!”


5 comments on “I Love New York 2

  1. Err… ooooo… I’m gonna just ignore that you watch this show and pretend like I never learned this about you… Next thing I know you’ll have me watching it and we can’t have that… 🙂


  2. I’m guilty too but honestly, the premiere and the ‘chosen me’ didn’t do it for me. So I guess I’ll be watching the weekly re-runs of the episodes b/c it does conflict with girlfriends and the game. JOAN’s character on girlfriends though has gotten on my nerves for the past couple of years.

    And it’s like they are trying to make her the SJP of sex & the city never getting a real relationship until the last show of the series. Granted this last cat was real but of course she’s lost him to the war. At this point, I don’t care if she ever gets married. Lynn’s character is just out there. The only REAL funny and multi-dimensional characters were Maya & Toni to me. So we’ll see.

    The game looks like it will be awesome this season.

  3. Kd, I watched it in rerun last night. No comment. I’ll need to watch at least another episode.

    I need to hook up my laptop so I can watch Monday’s episodes of Girlfriend and The Game.

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