Questions Asked – Giving it to you Raw Pt. 3

question-mark-gif.gifI hope during these Q & A posts, you are given the tools you need to help you make the most of your networking experiences.


When should I start marketing my book?

I would start marketing the moment I knew the book was going to be published. Once you have an official publishing date and your ISBN from your publisher, I would suggest submitting your galleys to print publications and reviewers. The goal is to inform or make book readers and book buyers aware of your book. You want them to be familiar with the title so once it’s released and they see it on the shelves or while browsing on the internet, they may take a chance and purchase it. Click on the Workshop  page on my blog for more information on promoting your book.

Does paying for reviews help or hurt your review rating?

I’m really not sure. I submit my book to publications and sites that read books in my genre; whether their actual review of my book makes it to the publication or site is at their discretion. I don’t however pay for book reviews. Most of the reviews I’ve received lately are from individual readers who purchased the book and either liked or disliked the book. I personally tend to shy away from review sites that charge; however there are several reputable sites that do charge. Hopefully that answered your question.

How do you find time to write?

I don’t. I make time. Life is what it is. If you wait to find time to write, you never will. Something can or will get in the way if you don’t make a concious effort to fit writing into your schedule.  You have to make time. Set aside a certain amount of time a day or a week to write. Even if you only write an hour a week, you’re closer to your goal than waiting to find time to write.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here or send me a direct email.

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Questions Asked – Giving it to you Raw

3 comments on “Questions Asked – Giving it to you Raw Pt. 3

  1. Great advice! It’s so true about “making time” to write as opposed to “finding time.” Most of us know time is hard to find. LOL. If you really want to finish a novel there is no replacement for making time and making yourself sit in front of that computer and write.


  2. This week has been a prime example; if the phone isn’t ringing with an urgent request, I’m getting an email that requires my immediate attention. Time to turn the phone off and disconnect from the internet.

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