Nadia “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” Aidan


Why did you decide to be a writer? 
Nadia Aidan: For two reasons.

The MAIN reason why I decide to become a writer was because of my mother.  I began writing over a year and a half ago when I was finishing my dissertation, but once I finished my dissertation I didn’t look at the novels again.  It wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer that I began searching for an outlet for the emotional highs and lows of taking care of her.  My mom recently lost her battle to cancer, which finally gave me the courage to submit my work.  My mother was (and continues to be in spirit) my biggest cheerleader and support system.  She was a strong, courageous woman who wasn’t afraid of anything and she raised me to be the same.  I know she would have been disappointed in me if I let insecurity and fear stop me from submitting my work.  So writing for me has taken on this new dimension because I feel that I HAVE to do this.  She was always so proud of my with the other successes I had in my life and my accomplishments.  I still want to make her proud so that means I CAN’T give up!  My love for my mother and respect for who she was as a woman drives me to continue to send my manuscript to publishers over and over despite the rejection letters! Despite the ups and downs of this entire business, my mother’s spirit inspires me to remain dedicated to my passion which is writing erotic romance novels.

The second reason is because I have a genuine love for reading fulfilling stories.  And from this love grew a desire to see MORE books in the genre that I love to read.  I love interracial erotic romance stories BUT there are very few of these stories that are NOT straight contemporaries or vampire related.  I love those too, but I am a fantasy/sci-fi buff and I always felt bereft when searching through new releases on my favorite sites and coming up with nada in the fantasy category.  Many of my writing mentors started writing because they became frustrated with a lack of this or too much of that.  The same is true of me. I wanted to see more interracial and multicultural erotic romance novels with a fantasy element so I figured if that is what I wanted then I needed to write it myself!

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9 comments on “Nadia “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” Aidan

  1. Hey Everyone!
    First, thank you Sheila for hosting me. I am a huge fan of your writing! Also,thanks to everyone for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed learning about me and how Enthralled came to be. If you post a comment then you will have an opportunity to win a copy of Enthralled! The more times you post on my tour the greater the chance that you will win so definitely check out my blog at to see where I will be next!

  2. I like this cover. It’s hot. I think I just saw an ad for this book someplace else. That must mean I need to buy it. 🙂 I’m a bookaholic so it doesn’t take much to make me buy a book.

    Love the website! Best of luck with your career.


  3. Nadia, just reading your remarks above is inspirational and I’m sure your mom would be proud of your decision to pursue writing.

    DAG SHELIA, I thought I changed my sites around alot. LOL I know it gets addictive! But I like this layout. Just in time for the fall season. LOOKS good!


  4. I think the series sounds interesting. I especially like the fact that the women are telling the men what to do. You have been a writing demon with all those books to be released in 2008. I sure hope I win this one.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, but glad you are left with wonderful memories and inspiration. Your story sounds really good!

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