Repost Saturday – 7 Year Old Swallows Grill

I originally posted this when it happened in July. Since it’s been getting a lot of hits this week, I thought I would repost.

A 7-year-old Florida boy accidentally swallowed his “grill — a decorative mental mouthpiece popular in the hip-hop culture, it was reported Saturday.   READ

Just in case you don’t know what a grill is, here’s an example:

This is the “Cotton Candy” grill for ladies (the top grill to be exact): Cotton Candy (Bottom) courtesy of Grills by Paul Wall


7 comments on “Repost Saturday – 7 Year Old Swallows Grill

  1. um….can you say WTF?! why why why why why why????

    ok im done.

    thanks for stopping by on Wednesday and I hope the writing has picked up and you create a masterpiece, best seller.

    I have to stop and leave out when the mrs is writing sometimes cause she gets lost in laptop.

    have fun and do yo thang, girl!


  2. Damn shame… My wife and I were talking about it, and this is the material for one of those spoof comedies.

    If we could just manage to be born with Gold Teeth, we would have to pop up in the news like that.

  3. DC, the writing is coming along nicely. I’m really into this new story. The character has a mind of her own. I hope to be finished with the first draft by the end of the month.

    Joey…all I can say is I had to read the article twice because it was hard to believe the first time.

  4. I heard a story this week about a principal demanding a young child remove his grill and when he didn’t the principal tried to snatch it out but it was bonded. *sigh* I don’t get grills (but to each his own) and I certainly don’t get them where kids are concerned. *smh*

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