Think and It Shall Be

“So teach us to make the most of our time so that we may grow in wisdom.”  ~  Psalm 90:12


Where are you on the ladder of success?





I am doing it

Progress, enthusiasm

I will

Determination, faith

I can


I can try


I think I can

Willing heart and mind

Do you think I can?

Curious, lack confidence

I wish I could


I can’t

Fear or unmotivated

I don’t care


I’ll do it later


I won’t

Stubborn, rebellious

~ by Jewel Diamond Taylor, Conference Speaker, The Self-esteem Dr., Life Coach, Author and Founder of Women on the Grow. (visit web site


6 comments on “Think and It Shall Be

  1. Well, I was right below accomlishment level – I accomlished the basics. But now, I am down at the I can try level which is a good thing because last year, I really felt like I’d given up on myself after losing everything. This time I look for a stronger foundation. Hopefully, in about 3 years, I will be back.

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