Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

With Isiah Thomas being accused of sexual harassment and losing the case in court; what does that mean for the rest of the corporate world?

Depending on whether you’re male or female may depend on whose side you’re on. A woman should not have to go to work under the kind of circumstances Anucha Sanders has described.  I remember working for an organization where I was the only female and only Black in my department.

I recall conversations existing as if I, a female, wasn’t around and also coming in to work in the morning and finding porno magazines at my station. Grant it, I shared a station with someone else; but they could have had the decency to keep their magazines to themselves; even after I complained, I would see them. What did that tell me? Plain and simple; they  had no respect for me as a woman. Actually, the way they talked about their significant others; they had no respect for women period.  I didn’t sue, but I got the **** out of there as soon as I found me another job. 

Anucha Browne Sanders Wins 11.6 Million in Punitive Damages in Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit


6 comments on “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  1. You are absolutely correct in that no one should work in that environment and the first course of action is to say something offends you and if it continue to act upon it. Many times we say nothing and when we leave the next woman is going to be exposed to the madness, the hardest kind is the renarks that start subtle then gradually increase when nothing occurs…We have to speak, ‘There are times when we must stand on the side of right, even when we stand alone.”


  2. I’m glad she sued and I’m glad she won. I heard Symore on the Tom Joyner show this morning and she said something when they asked her what she thought about this that had me cracking up all morning. She said, “what brothers need to learn is…” slight pause… “the law.” I cracked up.


  3. ok. that was the dumbest situation that MSG and I. Thomas could have put themselves in. I don’t blame her for suing and getting mad paper for it either.

    the strange things is that sexual harassment is becoming popular in the workplace for women now and being swept under the rug.

    wrong is wrong. they needed to pay her swell cause it may be a while before anyone would hire her. I hope everything works out well for her and corporate america takes notice immediately!!

    Good post and howdy, Sheila.

  4. Angelia, sometimes you may be the only one standing for right…but at least you can sleep well at night.

    Gwyneth, I saw a clip of an interview Isiah did and I don’t like the comment he made about how it’s okay for Blacks to use the B word, but not whites. Using the B word to describe a woman is not okay period…I know he wouldn’t call his mama one to her face.

    Don 🙂

    D.C., you’re right…they definately need to pay her. She was making 6 figures a year so the settlement is just I think.

  5. Sheila, I think you can give everyone the facts which the jury of 4 women and three men heard, and I’m sure everyone would agree that nothing was shown towards the line of sexual harassment. IMO.

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