Paige’s Web in Stores Today

It’s that time. It’s official. Paige’s Web is in stores today!!!

One woman…
Three men…
And people say men have issues committing…

Bestselling author Shelia M. Goss returns with her third novel PAIGE’S WEB (Kensington Books, October 2007, $6.99).  Ms. Goss tacklesthe subject of commitment phobia  by taking readers on a journey withcharacter Paige C. Webb.   As a professional event planner, Paige decides to use her organizational skills in her personal life.  She devises a fool proof plan to juggle three men which ultimately catches up with her. 

Paige’s Web is in stores now.

Don’t forget tonight’s chat:

When: Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time: 7 p.m. cst/ 8 p.m. est

Where: My Chat Room

So Let’s get ready to PARTY! Adult Birthday Party Kits


6 comments on “Paige’s Web in Stores Today

  1. Party over here! I can’t wait to read it. I’m gonna try and make it to the chat, but deadlines are looming, so I might have to miss the party so I can be good and write so I can have time to read the book. 🙂 A girl must have her priorities in order ya know. And party girl that I am, I take reading a good book over a party any time. 😉 LOL


  2. PrincessDominique, I loved the surprise…thank you!!!

    Gwyneth, I understand. After my promo splurge this week, I will be busy writing. I have several things I need to finish by the end of the year.

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