Questions Asked – Giving it to you Raw Pt. 2

question-mark-gif.gifI got a good response from last week’s Q & A. Thanks ladies for emailing your questions.  I hope during these Q & A posts, you are given the tools you need to help you make the most of your networking experiences.

Will you write a blurb for my book?

It depends. Have we ever communicated before? Belonging to literary groups is great for networking so don’t forget to join a few online and offline. You don’t have to wait until your manuscript is finished to do it.

 Depending on the author’s schedule, he or she will want to read the entire manuscript before attaching their name to your book. At the very least, they will want to read several chapters if they are unfamiliar with your writing style. If said author doesn’t write a blurb, do not hold it against them.

I’ve finished my book. What’s next?

This is a dreaded question. Why? Because there are so many things you could do next. #1 I would ask, what do you want to do next? Are you looking for an agent or a publisher? If you are looking for either one, you will need to know about the submission process. Most require a query letter, synopsis, and the first three chapters.

Are you looking to self-publish? If so, then there are other things you need to consider. For example, will you outright self-publish or will you be using a Print on Demand (POD) service.

Be sure you’ve done your homework and know exactly what you want to do. You will probably get more responses if you ask specific questions, such as “How do I write a query letter?” or “How do I get an ISBN?” than asking a generic question.

Here are two links to get you started:

How can I find an agent?

Agents are found via conferences, referrals or by using other resources such as books like the Writer’s Market and online websites. Bookmark the following website because it gives information on what agents are looking for and their contact information:

Be sure to only send them what they are requesting.

P.S. – The internet is your friend. Use any one of the search engines and it will pull up a ton of information on any topic.

Any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment field or email me directly.


6 comments on “Questions Asked – Giving it to you Raw Pt. 2

  1. I am thankful to have met you online Sheila. I think there may end up being a formal meeting as well. I definitely plan to send you my book beforehand, so I can get your honest critique. Happy to know an intelligent woman.

  2. All this information definitely shines as a beacon in an abyss of infinite (web) information. Thanks for sharing and please believe I’m using the resources myself 😀

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