Monday Night is CW Night – Repeat

My friends know if they want to talk to me, they need to contact me before 7 pm; otherwise I will talk to them at 10 pm.

Monday night is a CW night:

Everybody Hates Chris – Got to love this show. Little Chris is always getting into something.

Girlfriends – I’ve been watching this show since it first aired. I admit it’s different now that the character Toni isn’t on there, but I’m still remaining faithful to the show. Last season Joan finally got her man. I wonder what’s in store this season. Please pay Jill more money so she’ll revise the role of Toni.

The Game – I just fell in love with this show. It made me want to watch football and I absolutely hate football. Well hate is a strong word; I don’t like football is a better way to say it. But anyway, this became one of my favorite shows last year.

9 p.m. I have to skip over to CBS and watch CSI Miami. Did anyone see CSI Miami or CSI this past Thursday?


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