Introducing PG Forte

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Why did you decide to be a writer? 

PG Forte: Hmm….nope, Sorry. But, I gotta say I really don’t think that’s the kind of thing you get to decide. Sort of like I never decided to become a green-eyed, left-handed Pisces. I may get some choice as to which terms I use to describe myself, but beyond that it’s like a card game. You can decide how to play the hand you’ve been given but not which cards you’re gonna be dealt

I tell stories, because that’s what I do. Writing helps me understand what I think and how I feel about life, love, the world around me…pretty much everything, I guess. If I’m lucky, people are entertained by what I write.

I suppose I could blame it, in part, on genetics. Funny things, genes. My maternal grandfather was a writer too (although, okay, definitely not erotic romance) but since I never knew him, and didn’t know about his writing until my own habit was well entrenched, I don’t think anyone can claim I took it up in an effort to emulate him.

As I understand it, his whole family had a reputation for being voracious readers, and that’s another trait that, apparently, has bred pretty true. I always thought I was an insatiable book-hound but my daughter’s already on track to have me beat.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with my current release, Love From A to Z, whose hero is a rock guitar playing god. While I can appreciate music, I can’t play worth a damn. The music gene—that’s something I might have inherited from my father’s side of the family. Unfortunately, however, I didn’t. Good thing I’ve got my writing. 

To read more about PG Forte or her latest book Love from A to Z, visit one of her websites: or 


5 comments on “Introducing PG Forte

  1. Hi, Sheila! Thanks so much for hosting me today. And thank you, too, Cheryl, for the good wishes. This was such a fun book to write! I really fell in love with the characters.


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