Bill O Reilly gets the Dummy of the Week Award

I couldn’t believe Bill O’Reilly made the comments he made about African-Americans.   Looks like his feelings don’t just pertain to rappers, but the entire Black race.  Watch it below for yourself:

He gets this week’s award. In fact, I’ll give him two – one for the home and office. 

Do you think his comments are offensive or racist? Does it sound like he cares?


6 comments on “Bill O Reilly gets the Dummy of the Week Award

  1. I started blogging about this three times today and scrapped it each time. *Sigh* Sadly, while O’Reilly apparently likes a side order of “foot-in-mouth” with his macaroni-and-cheese, I’d give the “Dummy of the Week” award to all those people (BLACK and White) who say they don’t think it’s offensive. *sigh*

    …and miles to go before we’re free

  2. MsJayy, after watching the clip, I was like, “oh no he didn’t.” On the flipside, I would rather know exactly how a person feels than deal with someone who is fake. I’m sure this is just the beginning of folks “taking off the sheets.”

  3. I listened to the entire hour, and it is hard to believe that some are claiming racism. We as African Americans need to learn that if we cry wolf at every word or phrase we disagree with, sooner or later serious claims of racism will be dismissed as the “same old false cries”. And in the instant case, it makes us look foolish and uneducated to cry racism over well intended debate.

  4. Marcus, a word or phrase may not make a person a racist, but a consistent behavior which can include words and/or actions does. I will leave it up to my intelligent readers to determine whether or not they feel he is or isn’t a racist. I’ve made my stance clear.

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