Commitment Phobia – Are you Scared?

I watched a play by one of my favorite writers (David E Talbert) Love on Lay-Away starring Deborah Cox, Mel Jackson, Marla Gibbs, etc. If you haven’t seen it yet, definately buy it or rent it. It’s on sale now at

Anyway, after watching the play, it made me think about having “commitment phobia.”

Although most would contribute this issue to some men, some women also have this issue.

My third book – Paige’s Web is about a woman who has commitment phobia.

Have you ever had commitment phobia or know someone who has?

How much time is too much time to invest in a relationship before either moving forward with the one you’re with or abandoning it and waiting on someone who is ready to commit?


7 comments on “Commitment Phobia – Are you Scared?

  1. Yeah, I do, my kids mother had a commitment problem. Unfortunately, it took me 9 years to realize it. The things we, good fathers, do trying to keep our family together – makes me see why so many brothers take off.

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