Fall TV Line up – Watch Nights

The new shows start this week. I’ve been busy doing so many other things over the summer that it’ll be hard to get back on a regular TV watching schedule. With some of my favorite shows premiering season openers this week, if you call after 7 pm, you might not get an answer.

Below are some of the shows that I like and plan on watching. Game plan for the Fall – Work and Write books during the day and Watch TV and Read books during the night. 

Favorite Game Shows

Deal or No Deal – NBC (I saw it last week and this guy had the $1 million case but had accepted the offer already. I know he was sick.)

The Power of 10 – CBS

Monday night is a CW night:

Everybody Hates Chris – Got to love this show. Little Chris is always getting into something.

Girlfriends – I’ve been watching this show since it first aired. I admit it’s different that the character Toni isn’t on there, but I’m still remaining faithful on the show. Last season Joan finally got her man. I wonder what’s in store this season. Please pay Jill more money so she’ll revise the role of Toni.

The Game – I just fell in love with this show. It made me want to watch football and I absolutely hate football. Well hate is a strong word; I don’t like football is a better way to say it. But anyway, this became one of my favorite shows last year.

9 p.m. I have to skip over to CBS

CSI Miami – If I don’t watch any other show on Monday, I try to catch an episode of this show. I’ve been to Miami on many occasions and grant it, it’s an exciting place to visit; but it just wasn’t as exciting as this show. This show makes it “the place to be.”

Tuesday night

The Unit (CBS) – It’s just something about seeing a Black man in a positive role that turns me on and the fact the crew gets into some life threatening situations don’t hurt either.

Cane (CBS) – I saw the previews and the lead character, well he’s hot and truthfully that’s one of the main reasons why I’ll be watching it. The verdict is out on whether or not it’ll be a good show.

Wednesday  night – toss up

Criminal Minds (CBS) – I love these type of shows. One of the characters won’t be back this season which is upsetting, so I’ll see how it goes. I liked the original cast.

Gossip Girl (CW) – Based on the novels, I will give this show a chance and see if it’s something I would want a teenager to watch.

Thursday Night is the Night

UGLY BETTY (ABC) I didn’t start watching this show until it went into re-runs after the 1st season; but since then I’ve been hooked. I’m curious to see if Betty’s Dad will make it back across the border. Vanessa Williams role as the prima diva is hilarious.

CSI – Original (Las Vegas…CBS) – I hope nothing comes up because the cliffhanger at the end of last season will surely find me in front of the tube watching this on Thursday. The minature killer has struck again and this time close to home.

Without a Trace (CBS) – A good show bringing awareness to missing people.

Friday Before Leaving for a Date (well that is, if I have a date)

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) – Something fascinating about the paranormal.

Sunday Nights – Hmm

Desperate Housewives (ABC) – I didn’t watch too many episodes last season after the previous seasons ridiculous Alfre Woodard storyline, but I’ll see what’s happening in the first few shows to see if I want to return to watching it on a regular basis.

And whenever Lifetime brings back Army Wives, I plan on watching it too.

K’ Ville starring Anthony Anderson came on last week and I liked it so depending on the regular scheduled time, I will alternate watching it.

Well that’s my Fall TV Line UP commentary. What shows do you look forward to seeing and what shows can you do without?


10 comments on “Fall TV Line up – Watch Nights

  1. I see some of my favs on your list – Desperate Housewives (yes, I admit to being a faithful viewer), Ugly Betty (I’ve been watching this from Day 1 – hilarious!), Girlfriends (I run hot/cold with this show; hopefully this will be a “hot” season), The Game (wonder if they’ll drop the B-word from so much usage), Everybody loves Chris.

    Can’t forget Grey’s Anatomy. I just watched last season’s finale – and cried all over again. Gotta at least see how they wrap up those storylines. I like CSI (the original – personally, I’m hoping Sarah’s gone; I just cannot see her as ‘the love of Grissom’s life”. Ugh!), CSI Miami; Law & Order (the original – can’t wait to see how they wrap up the storylines from last year).

  2. For me the following are don’t miss no matter what:

    Grey’s Anatomy

    The folllowing are try not to miss if I can help it:

    Everybody Hates Chris
    Brothers and Sisters
    Desperate Housewives

    The following shows are shows I’ll watch if I’m not doing anything and they are on…

    Girlfriends and The Game (Now I missed these two shows last year, but I caught up this summer. They came on the same time as Heroes. And a sister can’t miss Heroes for nothing. Plus Toni’s gone and I never really liked Girlfriends that much. I’m a Living Single kinda gal. Now that was a show… Anyway if the Game and Girlfriends come on the same time as Heroes again, I’ll have to catch them in the summer of ’08.)
    Ghost Whisperer
    Close to Home

    For some reason, I love to watch the CSI Miami re-runs. I don’t watch the regular episodes.

    Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like Ugly Betty? I want to like this show so bad… But I don’t. I like the idea of an Ugly Betty. In theory I totally see the need for an Ugly Betty. But the show does NOTHING for me.


  3. Ms. Jayy, I never got into Grey’s Anatomy and that’s probably because it comes on at the same time as CSI. I only paid attention a little bit when Isaish Washington got in trouble with his remarks.

    Fave, you can’t go wrong either way 🙂

    Gwyneth, it took me awhile to get into the show Ugly Betty…now I find it absolutely hilarious…but I wasn’t quick to jump on that bandwagon either 🙂

  4. Sheila,

    We like some of the same stuff.

    I’m a huge Smallville fan and I’m waiting patiently for my superman fix.

    Girlfriends – I didn’t realize this was coming back on.

    The Game – I like this show too. I can’t believe the boyfriend cheated. I wanted to kick his butt because he didn’t have a real reason to cheat.

    Cane (CBS) – I plan on checking this out.

    Criminal Minds (CBS) – I watch this with the hubby. He hooked me on this one.

    UGLY BETTY (ABC) – I watched the reruns too because she comes on when my boyfriend Superman does. However I’m hooked. I watched the marathon this weekend to catch up. I also watched online, which I love that way I can miss a show and catch it later.

    Ghost Whisperer (CBS) – The best part about Friday nights. It always has me crying.

    Desperate Housewives (ABC) – I’m curious to see how the characters will get out of their troubles

    Brothers/Sisters is a new show I’m hooked on.

    Army Wives as an ex- navy girl I love to see what these people are up to.

    I also watch Nip/Tuck, 4000, Dead Zone, Medium, Supernatural, Grey Anatomy and Heroes.

    As you can see I have no night life LOL

  5. LaShaunda, I just took a break and came over to the blog. During the summer months, I’ve been watching more movies than I normally do during the regular TV season.

    Well, I know where to find you and you know where I’ll be after 7 each night…lol

  6. Shelia Girl, how in the world did I MISS this entry. I even subscribe to your blog through feedblitz. Oh well, I’m here now. YOU KNOW I GOT’S TA COMMENT

    Okay, for the shows we like in common:
    I haven’t seen CANE yet, but the lead male from NYPD blue fame, I’m interested in seeing it b/c of him.

    Ugly Betty: same here, I didn’t see it when it first aired but the reruns have got me hooked, so I’m curious. I’m so glad they got rid of the ‘1st boyfriend’ of betty’s and brought in the new. We’ll see

    Girlfriends: YOU KNOW the show ain’t the same since Jill Childs left but like you I try to be a loyal fan, they had Lynn going off on some wierd path , messing with a pastor but since Persia White is a musician in real life I knew her storyline would eventually evolve to that. On one of their older episodes when Toni and Joan ended their friendship (before Jill left) one of Persia’s (lynn’s) song played in the background. No need to bring Toni back b/c I don’t think girlfriends has more than 1-2 more seasons and I think that brought the game in at the right time to take over.

    I still MISS HALF & HALF! Not really a game show person and I never get to see them anyway with my work hours.

    Never really got into Ghost Whisperer BUT I decided to really check it out as I do like JLH.

    The other shows I like but that aren’t on your list are:
    L&O criminal intent, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, HOUSE (LOVE THIS SHOW); My Boys (TBS—SIMPLY LOVE THIS SHOW), Dirty Sexy Money, Miss Guided, Samantha Who,

    I don’t get a chance to watch TV until after 7:30 so some of my shows have conflicting schedules I watch what I can when I can & check them out online while I’m at work on my lunch & breaks.

    Always a CHARMED & SEX & the CITY fan as i watch re-runs faithfully. LOL

  7. Forgot. Is it me or why does the more Julian McMahon on Nip tuck arch his eyebrows the lest interest I have in the show? And it looks like he got skinnier. I only started watching the show b/c Julian played ‘Cole’ on the wb show ‘Charmed’. Can’t get into CSI for nothing but used to like Crossing Jordan, ER and Close to Home.

    Okay i’m done, whew!

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