Are you down with OPB?

I got the term O.P.B. from Don. I can say that I’m down. I love surfing O.P.B. (Other People Blogs).

I think on Friday’s I’ll start highlighting things I’ve seen on O.P.B.s.

First stop is Don’s “Minus the Bars” Blog. He wrote a very interesting blog the other day on 10 things women do that drive men away.

Here’s one tip:

1. Acting sweet to get a man then changing

She used to go to bed in a naughty nightie and didn’t care about sweating the curls out of her head. Now she goes to bed with a head full of rollers and a face covered with Noxzema. When they were dating, she batted her eyes, spoke softly, and always looked sexy. But now that she’s got him, that all changed. The gently batting eyes and shy smiles have been replaced with frowns, pursed lips, and shrill tones. No more sexy clothes. Now she dresses like she doesn’t care what she looks like, every day is a bad hair day, and she’s fast losing the curves in her body and developing a pleasantly plump figure. Of course, men can’t expect women to be superwomen who are able to work, cook, clean, and make love with flawless precision. But a woman shouldn’t start out playing the superwoman role at the beginning and then change. To read more…

I also frequent Blogging in Black. A place where a different writer or reader voice their opinions every day. I contribute my thoughts on the 2nd of each month.

Deatri asked some good questions on the topic – What! We Actually Do Read?

According to Jet Magazine, Blacks Out Read Whites Last Year! To read more…

For some up-to-date news on the hot topics in fashion, entertainment, etc., I visit Princess Dominique’s Blog.

I was thrilled to see she launched a book club.

To learn more, go to Princess Dominique Dishes Pop Culture Launches Blog Book Club

These are just a few blogs I visit during the week.  Please visit the blogs mentioned and leave your comments so they’ll know you were there. Stop back by on next Friday. Who knows, your blog may be linked here.

What blog entries stood out for you this week? Please share.


4 comments on “Are you down with OPB?

  1. Whoa! Sheila, you must be trying to get me killed, lol.

    I really apologize for you posting that on a day when I took my blog wayyy out there. Forgive me. I hope that I don’t offend any of your classy readers.

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