Jena 6 and Racial Injustice

The situation in Jena, LA outrages me and others of African-American descent because it is 2007 and we are still dealing with injustices of this nature. I’m outraged about not only this incident but other incidents that I know personally of. Maybe this time with national exposure, these 6 young men can get justice.  Maybe other young Black men who have been given unfair treatment will benefit from the attention that Jena 6 is now getting.

I was listening to Rev. Jesse Jackson and some of the things he said reminded me of documentaries we watched in school about things that happened in the ’50s and ’60s.

The struggle for racial justice didn’t stop in the 1960’s, but its an ongoing fight.

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Someone sent me this link of a photo show capturing the historical moment in the March on Jena (September 2007). Click here to view.


7 comments on “Jena 6 and Racial Injustice

  1. I will be wearing black. Jena 6 is definitely a testament that the clock really hasn’t been turning like we thought it had in some areas, especially where the justice system is concerned. A quick look at the prison systems today tells us that.

    Thanks for this,

  2. I wish I was able to attend the rally today, but since I couldn’t
    I have on my black all the way down to my shoes.
    Justice must be served!

  3. When we speak of racial justice, we have to take that a step further and look at “human” justice. If we demand human justice, fight for human justice, and take human justice, there is no other justice that can be denied us. We were given justice by birth, we allowed someone to take it away from us by proxy.

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