Five Personality Traits to Avoid

A realization hit me recently. My natural instinct has been to play the role of rescuer and it must stop–immediately. It made me think of other things that either I or my friends have done that could have saved us a lot of time and energy and most importantly heartbreak.

Here’s a list of 5 types of personality traits that you should avoid: If you see yourself as one of these, it’s time to reevaluate.

The Rescuer – Do you find yourself trying to rescue a man from this or that and most of the time himself? Enough already.

The Nurturer – Are you his mama? No, so why play the dual role of lover/mama…sounds perverted doesn’t it…so stop.

The Warden – Okay, now don’t get mad, but having your man on a strict schedule sounds like there are trust issues. If you have to monitor his every move, then maybe he’s not the man for you.

The Dog Catcher – Bow wow…need I say more…you know he’s a dog, he was dating three other women when you met him, but you still allow him into your heart.

The Landlord – Time is precious. Have fun, but be wise. Why let someone rent space in your heart when you know they are not the one.

I’m sure there are other personality types I could touch on, but these five are the ones that come to mind as I reflect on my love life and those around me.


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