Book Giveaway Today is SinSatiable

It’s Friday and Day 11 in the BB (Birthday Bash) Book Giveaway. Shelia E. Lipsey has provided another book for the giveaway.

Today’s book is Sinsatiable. 

Twenty-four-year-old Aisha Carlisle has the kind of life most people would envy.  She’s a lovely and intelligent college graduate, an excellent dancer as well as the owner of A-Carlisle Studio of Dance and Choreography.   Aisha’s life is surrounded by great friends and a doting father, not to mention she has a dashing bachelor, Chandler Larson, dangling on her arm and in her heart.  Aisha is rooted and grounded in her Christian faith.  In her hunger to make quick cash, Aisha accepts an offer that she can’t refuse from the sultry, sophisticated and intriguing Elisa Santana.  Aisha is drawn into a secret society comprised of some of the wealthiest men in the world.  The cost Aisha pays for turning against her faith is tremendous.  Will the faith she so willingly relinquished free her from the sinful life she has chosen?  Will her lust for the forbidden ruin her relationship with the man she loves?  Is she too deep into corruption for God to pull her out of the trenches?  Sinsatiable is another powerfully gripping tale by Lipsey that delves into real life issues faced by people of faith.

Into Each Life and Sinsatiable (Shelia Lipsey’s second novel) are available at

To read more about Shelia Lipsey and her books, be sure to visit her website:

P.S. – Thursday’s winner: Poster #1 is the winner of Mental Seduction by Kisha Green and various other authors.


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