Thomas Weeks To Contest Divorce with Juanita Bynum

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks IIIAccording to his attorneys, Bishop Thomas Weeks will contest Juanita Bynum’s petition for divorce.

He needs to let her go and get some help with his anger.

Randy Kessler, one of Weeks’ attorneys, said they are considering whether the counterclaim will accuse Bynum of cruel treatment, the charge her divorce petition levels at Weeks, reports the Associated Press.     

“Cruel treatment is a very vague legal term,” Kessler said. “There’s a possibility that there’s cruel treatment on both sides, but we’re not committed to that position.”     

So people the drama continues. What point is he trying to prove with this move? 


8 comments on “Thomas Weeks To Contest Divorce with Juanita Bynum

  1. to Don (poster #2)—> there is no point in fighting FOR her if he can’t stop fighting (hitting) ON her.

    I think his whole point of contesting the divorce is because he stands to loose more than she does. His reputation is shot and no other “real” woman will want to be with a man KNOWN for being as abuser. Then again, there may be one out there who will get with him just to turn the tables….

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