Baby Boomer This is For You

Life’s a Boomer!

Kansas City, Missouri – September 2007 – Moving through the age of information at the speed of light could mean that very meaningful aspects of the lives and times of the generation known as the Baby Boomers could be lost in the frey. A concerted effort to capture and save the bittersweet reflections, examinations, celebrations, victories, and missteps that makes these 76 million people such an intregal part of America and all its dreams begins with the individual commitment to not be forgotten.

Baby Boomer Peggy Eldridge-Love, award-winning poet and author, reminds and urges her contemporaries in her poem “Remember Us” that “There is an epiphany of us, a quiet return of the reality that bound us in memory. Remember us.” It is a timely caution. Those born between 1946 through 1964 can provide a unique eye-witness account to an America that many of its youth of today cannot envision, and therefore cannot understand makes up the foundation of the world they are creating for themselves and their own children today. A way must be found to transfer this information in ways that it does resonate, is understood and absorbed, and will be a respected point of reference for the future.

The Life’s A Boomer project is designed to open those doors and identify means through which both those within the boomer generation and those who came before and after it can jointly participate in drawing from its lessons to enrich our individual, corporate and national lives. Starting with its resource website at, the thrust will be to provide a platform for sharing stories and information, a series of Life’s A Boomer books that will deal with specific phases of life, past and present, that delve into the generations contributions, experiences, needs, and goals will soon follow, and plans are being examined for a media forum with the Life’s a Boomer theme in 2008.


Peggy Love
Write On Writers


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