Book Giveaway Today is Sacrifice the One

It’s Monday and Day 7 in the BB (Birthday Bash) Book Giveaway. Today’s book is Sacrifice the One by Monica P. Carter.

Sacrifice The One

Sacrifice the One is a family drama set against the backdrop of rejection, rebellion, and a hoped-for redemption.Seta is a young woman who craves the number one spot in her father’s heart. But nothing she does seems to work. For his part, her father, Robert, has his own demons. He doesn’t think he can love the child who reminds him of the wife he loved — and lost.When Seta realizes that chasing her father’s affection won’t get her anywhere, she turns to chasing affection and attention wherever she can find it. And that sends her down a path that threatens all she has worked so hard to gain.

These two need each other, but can they see it? Are there some bonds that, once broken, can never be rebuilt? 

Sacrifice the One is available at

To learn more Monica P Carter, go to:

P.S. – Sunday’s winner: Poster #5 is the winner of Grip the Rope by Carla J Curtis


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