2007 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

Video | Viva Las Vegas! Rate The VMAs!Britney Spears opened up the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards show with an okay performance. I didn’t like the outfit, well what little there was, but those were some slamming boots. Britney seemed a little stiff and some of her dance moves forced.I’m sure it was just Britney being nervous. Did I say I loved the boots?

Silverman did a few jokes. Some I got; some I didn’t.

Alicia Keys was stunning. I loved her dress and her hair. Rihanna won one of the first awards. Her dress was a little too long but it was a pretty color.

Fifty and Kanye squashed the rumors of a so-called beef during pre-show interviews as well as partnering to give out the Best Collaboration award, which Beyonce and Shakira won.

I love me some T.I. He had the crowd rocking.

Chris Brown is a very talented young man. I enjoyed his performance; although he did more dancing than singing 🙂

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6 comments on “2007 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

  1. Poor Brittany. It can’t be an easy road with all that’s swirling in her life. I love Alicia’s new song, I’m kinda over Rhianna’s song, and Chris Brown is one dancing FOOL!

  2. I sort of felt sorry for Britney. It wasn’t the comeback she was hoping. I liked Alicia’s performance as well. Rihanna’s CD is good. I think I’ll listen to it while I work today. Chris B knows he can dance his butt off with his cute self.

  3. Brittany was horrible. I actually felt sorry for her for a minute. But then I thought… she should have known better. Sometimes you need to take a minute until you’re really ready to come back…

    Does anyone else think it’s a bit telling about the state of contemporary music when the highlight of Chris Brown’s performance was actually his dance rendintion of Michael Jackson’s Motown 25 performance how many years ago?

    I actually thought Silverman was kinda funny this time. Normally she irritates me. I think that the audience felt bad laughing at the Brittany jokes because the child had just flopped so badly. When Silverman told Fiddy it’s so cute to see you alive I cracked up.

    I’m sorry I missed the Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fight. But hearing Diddy say “we need to stop the violence in rock and roll,” and Jamie Fox say “we need to stop this white on white crime” had me cracking up.

    All in all I think it was a pretty lackluster awards show. Nothing special…


  4. MTV showed Britney Spears more love than she deserved. Honestly, I think she is trash. I love how Rihanna and Beyonce looked. I didn’t think Alica Keys performance was anything special. Chris Brown did his thang.

  5. I think with all the crap Sarah said about her kids being mistakes and the drama in her life before the show, and a broken boot heel, bad nerves, etc… i say she did ok… I agree it was not the comeback she was hoping for, but I think she still “GOT IT” and she really needed the show to boost her self-confidence and that too many people were too damn shallow to see. I want to see someone walk in her shoes and give a perfect “Britney Spears Before K-FED” dance performance.

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