Book Giveaway Today is The Ebony Tree

It’s Day 5 in the BB (Birthday Bash) Book Giveaway. Today’s book is The Ebony Tree by Maxine Thompson. If you want a chance to win this book, leave a comment.

Cover Image

When Imani Shepherd, a world-traveled African-American journalist, tries to find out about her family tree through interviewing her elderly parents on video, she runs into a network of half-truths, evasions, and shame. She finds her family consumed with keeping “dirty little secrets”. Because of her mother’s denial, the family history is shrouded and elusive, epitomizing a pattern of Black mothers and their daughters down through generations marked by a collective memory of slave experiences, rapes and brutalities. The Ebony Tree is a candid, unflinching, revealing, and ultimately redeeming novel of family, heritage, new generations, and the enduring human spirit framed within African-American experience and personal history. ~ Midwest Book Review

The Ebony Tree and other stories by Maxine Thompson are available at

To learn more about this dynamic writer, go to:

P.S. – Poster #16 from Friday’s post is the winner of Sweet Sensation by Gwyneth Bolton. 


9 comments on “Book Giveaway Today is The Ebony Tree

  1. Wow! This sounds like my family a little… btw, I ADORE your book, My Invisible Husband, and am eagerly awaiting my copy of Roses are thorns, violets are true, AND i already ordered paige’s web!

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