Book Giveaway Today is Sweet Sensation

It’s Day 4 in the BB (Birthday Bash) Book Giveaway. Today’s book is Sweet Sensation by Gwyneth Bolton. If you want a chance to win this book, leave a comment.

SSensation.jpgFlex and Sweet Dee dove head first into the rap industry. Soon after graduating from college, their rap careers took off making them members of hip-hop royalty. The time spent touring, recording, and performing turned their relationship of one of work and friendship to love…It has all the elements of hip-hop – love, sex, violence, revenge, lyrical flow and money. Bolton has penned an eloquent all encompassing love story that highlights the importance of family.  ~, Reviewed By – Deltareviewer, For Real Page Turners.

Sweet Sensation and  Gwyneth Bolton’s other books are available at

Be sure to visit Gwyneth’s blog:

P.S. – Poster #4 from yesterday is the winner of Deadly Tease by Michelle McGriff


27 comments on “Book Giveaway Today is Sweet Sensation

  1. All the right elements included in this novel…definitely make it my kind of book. I’love to read it. The review already has me anticipating the who’s, what’s and where’s of this story.

    Thanks, Kim

  2. Happy Birthday Sheila!!!!!! Keep doing your thing in the book world, and much love to ya….

    I will have to read Sweet Sensation sounds like a good story…..

  3. I would love to win a book and by the way have a good and happy birthday that is the main reason for the post not the book (he-he)

  4. Hi Sheila,
    Happy Birthday to you and Happy Birthday to me on September 27th. See you soon at my meeting. You know I love to win.

  5. Hey Virgo sista! This is the best month to be born in. like me i hope you have a blessed and beautiful birthday celebration. i ain’t mad at cha i celebrate the entire month of september too!

  6. Happy Birthday! It’s an awesome idea to give away books…and it’s a great way to let readers know about new releasesl. Besides, any Gwyneth Bolton book is a great read. Thanks for the opportunity.

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