Usher & Tameka Wedding Pictures

A STAND-UP PAIR photo | Usher CREDIT: Mike Colon Photographers/©TAMEKA AND USHER RAYMOND/ Getty Images

See more pictures over at Mrs. Grapevine: Pictures From Usher & Tameka Foster Wedding


21 comments on “Usher & Tameka Wedding Pictures

  1. I hate the fact he married dat ugly old women he never gave any other women a chance someone who wouldn’t disrespect his mother someone who always persue his career who help him beside’s being his hair dresser im his fan and i love him but i wish he would gave a person like me a chance but it’s too late he’s married 2 a trap who don’t care because what ever happend 2 her and her ex-husband it might happend 2 them and i hope so

    • well i agree with you , about him not giving someone else a chance in stuff. in i as well dont like the fact that he married her. but i disagree with you when you said “it should be you” .. i personally think it should be me, ill treat him good i wouldnt hurt him like everyone else did. but aye thts just my opioion , .. i think he deserves sooo much betterr ,, soo much he shouldnt be stressing in going thur so much.. i will never disrespect his mom. i would treat her as if she was my birth mom.. with alot of respect in like a queen. im happy hes not with her anymore. i wish the best for him. in if we”re meant to be . we would be togetherr —>nooo stalkker oppst. type … thats just how i feell 🙂

  2. I like the fact that he settled down with someone and who ever he chooses is his business. Looks are not everything. You live with the person’s personality not their looks. His mother needs to mind her business and just be happy for her son. It seems like she did a great job raising him so she should know he would make the right decisions in his life.

  3. watagwan……..i rily dnt wana sae i dont mind usherz marriage ta tameka cos man dnt lyk da fact dat they r married cos i thot he was gona find man somedae somehow..somewhere..u knw..get married ta man..jis jam in our yard…go awt..2 da dat tin am luvin da fact dat hez happy with his tin with tameka..dats al i want blaahd..4 ma bwoi ta b happy dem gyalz beefin awt der..derz no use…jis b happy..jahz got reason 4 errtin hez doin u bwoi is lukn rily skeeen in his pic wi his wifey tho..gotta…xoxoxo.

  4. i think that the look cute together and could have done better if he wanted to but she is the one that he loves so she is the one that he got and his mother should just be happy that her has found someone who he can be with for the rest of his life or maybe. she isn’t ugly she is okk and he shouldn’t about what people have as longs he loves her that all that matters. all i have to say is that be happy togerther and don’t care about what anyone has to say about her marrige just be happy.

  5. i’m glad he got married, not a lot of celebrities get to have a woman that they luv!! so for those of u who are jealous, please mind your own business!!!!! he is just trying to settle and be loved!!

  6. Tbh you dont give your marriage vow to someone you dont love so obviously usher thinks hes making a good choice. so why dont all you haters back of and be happy because hes happy. if you dont agree with there marriage well guess what GET OVER IT they both deserve to be happy and not all marriages dont go to plan but thats life. so all of you shut up being childish. god tbh shes beautiful and you dont marry someone for there looks you marry them for what there heart looks like 🙂
    Lovee Youuu Usher 🙂

    Lovee Paigey Bate

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