Parents Beware It’s Another Toy Recall

  Home built toys may be the wave of the future. Here’s information about another recall on toys. I’ve lost count on how many have surfaced in the past month or so.

The latest Mattel recall, whose details were negotiated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, covers 675,000 Barbie accessories sold between October 2006 and August of this year. No Barbie dolls were included in the action. The recall also included 90,000 units of Mattel’s GeoTrax locomotive line and about 8,900 Big Big World 6-in-1 Bongo Band toys, both from the company’s Fisher-Price brand. The Big Big World products were sold in the U.S. from July through August of this year, while the GeoTrax toys were sold from September 2006 through August of this year.   To read more…

Interesting tidbit: On Aug. 2, Mattel made a similar recall with nearly a million toys that were coated with lead paint. Zhang Shuhong, co-owner of the company that made the defective toys, committed suicide after the recall.


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