Book Giveaway Today is Deadly Tease

It’s Day 3 in the BB (Birthday Bash) Book Giveaway. Today’s book is Deadly Tease by Michelle McGriff. If you want a chance to win this book, leave a comment.

dtPriests and ministers are dying. They are found mutilated with someone else’s penis in their mouths. Before they are killed, they are contacted by someone who calls himself `The Appointed One.’ He even calls the police and teases them with his whereabouts and his identity… there is plenty of intrigue and suspense as the plot is laid out. The twists and turns kept me on my feet as I struggled to know who did it. I couldn’t put it down. It is a book well worth reading. ~,  Reviewed by Alice Holman of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Deadly Tease as well as Michelle McGriff’s other novels are available at

To find out about McGriff’s other books, visit her website:

P.S. – Poster #5 from Yesterday is the winner of Into Each Life by Shelia E. Lipsey. 


18 comments on “Book Giveaway Today is Deadly Tease

  1. Being a Christian woman I certainly would like to see the spin in this book. Ministers are held with a high respect in the Christian community and then dying in such a revolting manner makes this book quite intriguing. Just the hunt for the suspect and reasoning alone cause me to want to read this book!

  2. OOOO WEEEEEE! Now you know that sounds like an episode of the late 90’s Jerry Springer show. My goodness! I want to read that book too!
    Look Miss Shiela,you got to send me this book becuase I’m a full time Benedict College student and single mom that loves to read a good book beside THE GOOD BOOK all the time. Now becuase I have favor,I’m gonna step out and ask for more favor.(It’s the cookie jar effect. When you give baby a cookie,he always asks for just one more.)
    I want this one too!
    Okay,i’m not gonna bother you again until next contest,next month.
    Doris (LOL)

  3. I love a good book and this book sounds like it is going to be an excellent read. I will be adding this book to my MUST READ pile.

    Can’t wait to read this book!

  4. Sounds like a very interesting read!!! I am going to read this book whether I win it or have to buy it. Shelia, I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. #4 Ms. Shaye Gray you are the winner of Deadly Tease by Michelle McGriff. Congrats!!!

    All, be sure to check back on Friday and for the next few days…have about 6 more books to giveaway. Good luck all!!!

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